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The Golden Retriever is a member of the Sporting Group of dogs and was first
recognized by the AKC in 1925.  The
Golden Retriever originated in Scotland and
England in the 19th Century for the purpose of retrieving game birds on land and
water.  The Golden's physical characteristics and its willing, adaptable, trainable
nature have also made it useful in many other endeavors.  The Golden is used in
many ways such as obedience, field, agility, rescue, and assistance work. They
are now one of the most popular breeds used as assistance and therapy dogs for
the handicapped.

The Golden Retriever is well known as being the ideal family
companion dog.  They will win your heart and change your life. There
is no question that the
Golden Retriever is truly a remarkable breed.
Please look around and learn more about us & let us know if we can
serve you in  your search for Pure Gold.

Heritage Rock Goldens
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OFA Hip, Elbow, PennHip, Heart & CERF Certified Goldens
Puppies Born in our Home, Socialized with family & children
Producing Therapy, Pet, and Show Goldens
Golden Retriever . . . what can I expect?
Who is Heritage Rock?
We are a small Golden Retriever Breeder / trainer of primarily therapy, pet, and show
goldens located in the Triad Area of North Carolina.  We are just South of Burlington,
NC.  30 minutes East of Greensboro, NC and 1 hour West of Raleigh, NC.   Most of
Golden Retriever Puppies are adopted into pet homes, with many intended for
therapy and show purposes.  We are committed to producing
Golden Retriever
sound in health with outstanding golden temperament.  Our goldens are
screened for health problems that are common to the breed and our
Retriever Puppies For Sale all see the vet for a clean bill of health before coming to
your home.   We whelp and
raise our Golden Retriever Puppies in our home and
with our children, exposing them to the daily noises of a household and the love of
human companionship.  Take a moment to look around and learn more about our
beautiful golden family.
Call for Golden Retriever Puppy availability at 336-269-0914 or use our
Contact Page.
Thanks to Anthony Ivory (studio) in Tallahassee, FL
for this great portrait of Teddy x Bella puppy!
Updated February 17, 2014
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Excellent Pedigree on both Sire and Dam sidesp
Goodnight Kisses
Sweet Baby Kisses!
GRCA Purina Parent Club
Partnership Program Members
Kayla, One of our first two goldens.  She was a love.  We fell in
love with the breed then and can't imagine life without goldens.
Cara & Liberty
Kayla ... our first golden
Cara, retired
Geny  and Teddy, both retired
Kayla ... our first golden, retired